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HUBBUK and Wales

We left Tiffany’s house with heavy hearts, leaving new friends we may never see again, such is the world of overland travel.  Social media is a fantastic thing, we can now keep in touch with people we meet on the road.

Riding out of Land’s End, in the beautiful English’s mist, we headed for a couple recommended stops, villages, along the coast, all beautiful with small harbors and colorful, pastel row houses lining the road along the harbor. The next stop was the Tarr Steps which made for a great photo opportunity, you can ride across this at low water times.

Arriving at HUBBUK in Hay on Wye and staying at Baskerville Hall Hotel was everything we had hoped it would be. The accommodations and hotel has a old, historic quality that we had anticipated and the Horizons Unlimited event wasa week run be the attentive volunteers that make these events happen. Thanks to everyone involved, and especially Caroline that helped us whenever needed and made my presentation so easy to do and go so smoothly.

HUBBUK, Baskerville Hall Hotel

The meet was a blast and we had the opportunity to meet many friends. Here are some pictures of the event.

Dinner on Thursday night

Baskerville Hall main foyer

Parking/registration area

Melanie and Simon Gandolfi

Dylan Wickrama, “Where the Road Ends”.

Bernard Smith and Billy Sherrett

Bike show

Tiffany Coates presentation of traveling solo in Madagascar

Carol-Ann Duval, Greg, Sheonagh Ravensdale, Caroline Carver, Jim Carver, Ken Duval, Melanie

Greg gets to meet Thelma, Tiffany Coates faithful motorbike.

Scooter rider

Duval’s GS from Australia on their RTW trip

Our presentation on riding Baja, California was well received with a packed, standing-room only crowd. Not bad for our first presentation.

We packed up on Sunday morning and said or lengthy goodbyes, many new friends to meet someday on the road, somewhere in this great world.

My mission for Sunday was to meet the only other Turp family I have never met. This journey has been 12 years in the making. My father tried researching his ancestors and it brought him to a Turp family in Wales. They had written a letter back to my Dad telling him all the Turp’s in America, just a handful, came from one of two families in the UK, and they were one of them. My Dad passed away before he was able to meet them, and we came across the letter after he had died. 

We pulled into town and located the house in the rain. We decided to tour the nearby castle in Kidwelly, one of the best we had seen.

After a quick lunch we returned to the house to find an ambulance sitting outside. Fearing the worst, I walked up to the house where I was greeted by two very nice paramedics. They explained to me that Charles had taken a fall but was OK, just needed to go to the hospital to be checked out. They ushered me into the bedroom where I was able to introduce myself and Melanie. They were brother and sister living together and remembered the letter and my father. A very emotional time.

Charles Turp, Marian Turp, Greg Turp

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