About Us

My name is Greg and my wife’s name is Melanie. My internet nickname is WANDRR and we are 2WANDRRs who decided several years ago to let go of our busy life and try to replace it with a life full of travel and new experiences. It was a slow process as we had property to sell and “things” we needed to get rid of. We ride motorcycles and our life had continued to morph as we kept expanding our range of miles and friends. One of the most difficult and again easiest things for us were our kids. We love to be around them, but they need their space and at the same time are all successful.


So, after a couple years of planning and downsizing, including selling our home, we took off in our camper with everything we owned and started traveling and working on the road.
imageWe have had many adventures to this point, having ridden our motorbike in every state in the US, most of Canada, most of Mexico, Central America, all the European countries, Turkey, Thailand, New Zealand, Fiji, and SE Asia. We have now become jobless and homeless and travel full-time.

Next up?    North and South Africa, Central Asia and South America.

So come on and follow along, stop us if you see us to say hi and be a part of what is to follow…


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Guy Sporck

    Ive met you guys today in Margraten at the Memorial Site. Great what your doing and keep touring the world! Greetings Guy

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