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Headed to SE Asia

We are finally off. The planning and looking at little squiggly lines on maps is done and the tiny bags are packed.

After a fun few months traveling the US seeing friends and family, followed by a month of chilling and saving some money, it’s time to get on the road again. Melanie’s sister Sharon is taking good care of our faithful pup Gypsy-girl. We will sure miss her but this trip is not doable for the 13 year old Puggle.

Where did Mom and Dad go?

Our kit for SE Asia is the smallest we have packed to date. Our 40 litre Mosko Moto bag will hold my clothes, Melanie’s clothes, each of our extra shoes for off the bike, bathroom kit and the dōTERRA oils wellness kit for all 2 months we are gone.

The total weight is only 32 pounds, which will be strapped to the back of our little Honda XL150. My bag, while holding 3 pairs of socks and underwear, 2 microfiber short sleeve shirts and 1 micro long sleeve shirt, 1 pair of zip off leg hiking pants and a bathing suit is compressed into a bag about the same size of my Vietnam map.

Our flight will consist of four legs, 2 the first day to get from El Paso to Phoenix and then to LAX. Then, after an overnight stay in the armpit of LA, we head to Taipei in the morning (13.5 hour flight), and then on to Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).

The Taipei airport is one of the nicest we have been in. Every gate is themed with electric available and free WiFi and carts.

Gate area

Chinese postie bike.

We finally made it to Saigon. Our multi-entry, 90 day visa is placed into our passports before our luggage ever hits the baggage area. Such efficient, friendly people we have met so far. Leaving the airport about midnight resembles a mob scene, but we are told this is just normal for here.

That makes me a little nervous with the anticipation of riding our little Honda XL150. Off to the Airport hotel and some sleep, it’s been a long day.

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