The People

What an incredible trip this has been. I’m sorry that I haven’t kept up with the blog, but I lost two entire posts early into the ride and had a difficult time posting since, and been very busy riding, to tell the truth. We just passed 10,000 kms riding and camping around Western Europe

The people that we have come across these past 35 days have made the entire journey so memorable. The past two days we have visited WW2 cemeteries in Belgium and the Netherlands. Today we met a man that was 6 when the Allied forces liberated his town. He still had vivid memories of that time that he wished to share them with us. Another young man of maybe 22 was there with his friend placing flowers on a solders grave. We asked him if he knew this person and he told us ‘No. He had just adopted this solder, after waiting 11 years on a waiting list’.


I will write about these two men in more detail in later blogs.

For now, I must go sleep in my tent and listen to the cows.



Greg “WANDRR” and Melanie

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One thought on “The People

  1. Deb Ward

    What a dream trip!! Stay safe.

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