Another great CA ride


After a interesting and difficult couple of weeks this statement certainly rang true. Being in the process of learning how 9 hospitals, 16 surgeons and various Perfusionists want the same thing done differently is a daunting task. Add to that, hearing from friends riding in various remote locations around the globe having a great time, I needed a day on the bike exploring a new location.
Pouring over a Butler map of Southern California to find a great route without much traffic that I haven’t ridden in Southern California is a task that I always enjoy. With the route plugged into the Garmin, Gypsy, Melanie and I set out under cloudless blue skies to jump on our first canyon road minutes from our camper.


Running north on the Bouquet Canyon Road the curves came fast and clean as the left and right leans carved the perfect, carless asphalt. The temperature was a tad chilly keeping most riders huddled around their inside heaters this morning. Passing the Rock Inn http:// along Pine Canyon Road found a couple bikes parked out front warming up with a warm cup of Java.

Our destination today in a road not written about too much but talked about between many bikers, the Maricopa Highway running north to south, ending at Ojai at the southern terminus. We pick it up at the end of the Lockwood Valley Road and head south. The pavement is well maintained with a couple of exciting moments in the corners where recent heavy rains had created mud slides that had almost been cleaned up all the way. A couple front tire slides really got my attention.


The views were incredible, which kept slowing me down as I didn’t want to miss anything. I may never get out of the alps this summer if I keep this up.

We finally got down to Ojai and headed down to see the Pacific Ocean before heading back east to home. A slight detour for a pastry in Acton finished the ride with a tasty snack

Cheers, 2WANDRRs

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