Early Christmas Family Time

Christmas has always been a special time for my family, but it has always brought with it frustration. My need to always make the holidays perfect enough to be a commercial has left me, in my later adult life, pushing the holidays away. The holiday season is always a very busy time of year with multiple families and work demanding everybody’s very last minute. In my early adult life, family always needed to have holidays on the day and wanted meals to be attended by everybody at, you guessed it, the exact same time. I decided long ago that the point of these holidays is to just be together with family and the exact day and time didn’t really matter.

With that in mind we flew from our temporary home in Southern California to Florida for some early family holiday time in mid December. We left a couple days early for a couple us day on a quick cruise to Bimini but s we got off the plane in Fort Lauderdale heard that the cruise had been canceled, by the Coast Guard, due to bad weather. Keeping with Melanie’s “oh well, what’s next” attitude, we decided to explore the area for a day and headed to the deserted beach. A slight breeze, chilly temps and blue skies above and darkening skies over the Gulf Stream made for a nice walking day on the shore as the waves gently lapped the sand at our feet.


Our hotel had a nice tropical theme, a heated pool/hot tub and a great tiki bar, so we headed back to relax with the guardian of the Caribbean.


Irish Kevin’s sounded to us like a great reason to visit the southern most point in the US the next day, Key West. The drive down is always a treat, although we didn’t have our bike, so off we drove. Once south of Miami we could relax.


Robbie’s was our first stop to feed a couple tarpon and chase off a few pelicans trying to get a free meal.


Next stop, Key West. Fresh fish tacos was the special of the day at BO’s Fish Wagon . The staff will bring you a spray bottle of water to your table to keep the pesky roosters away. Good fun watching them scatter when you just pick up the bottle of water.



Around the corner and our target is in sight. Entering Irish Kevin’s is always like a homecoming as we have had so many good time in this place with family and friends.
A Guinness was the drink of choice while the entertainer obliged Melanie by playing the Green Alligator song while she acted out the song in Irish Kevin tradition.

Time went too quickly so we headed off the island and headed to Lorelei’s Restaurant and Cabana Bar in Islamorada, for a great sunset pushing our toes in the sand.



Cheers, 2WANDRRs

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