Death Valley 500 mile RTE

I’m finally finished with another week picking up cases in Las Vegas. Don’t let the Sin City name fool you, it wasn’t fun. Just work, fight the traffic home and then…, and then wait for the hospital to call you back.


The best part is we leave for Thailand on Wednesday. A 15 hour flight to Beijing with a 4 hour layover followed by another 4 hour flight into Bangkok should be over my silver flying tube tolerance. Be sure to follow our updates as we post. We have some time with elephants and time on a motor scooter scheduled, as well as boat, train, bus, another plane to Phuket, underwater and rickshaw time planned.


We woke up today to a clear schedule and no rain, just a little chilly. I was really needing some seat time on my 06 BMW K12LT and wanted to turn over to 170K so a RTE in Death Valley, 250 miles away, seemed like fun. Jumping on the bike with the temps in the low 40’s and heading north on CA14 the temp just start to fall until the turnoff to Death Valley. Heading east on CA190 the weather got worse with heavy pea soup fog and 35°, we were glad for the heated gear.


Needing fuel, we stopped briefly at Panamint Springs Resort, which is a small rustic resort at the entrance to Death Valley National Park. The view were brilliant with colorful shades of red and gray rock all around us and a view east into the Badwater basin.


Dropping into the basin from 5000 ft to 1500 ft we continued on to 5000 ft again before dropping back to sea level at Stovepipe Wells Village.


Lunch at the Badwater Saloon was a great chili made with beef and pulled pork, absolutely fantastic. They also have a great selection of beers which will require further investigation, when the tent is strapped on the back of the bike.


Time to head back, but first a picture of our Lost for a Reason swag. Thanks Ron Grace for all you do for this great charity.


On our way back up the pass an F-something fighter jet buzzed us. We both ducked with the sudden sound and caught sight of him rolling hard to the right, right through the pass. Very cool, but no pictures. Should have had the helmet cam running.

Tomorrow, packing for Thailand
Cheers, 2WANDRRs

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