Air China to Bangkok

The day has finally arrived for our flight to Bangkok, Thailand. We’re up and our the door at 5am to drive the first 20 of the 60 miles to LAX in rush hour traffic moving along at a blistering 20mph average speed. We left home early this morning just because this can happen here.

Arriving plenty early to the airport for our 11:40 flight on Air China, with a scheduled 4 hour layover in Beijing, we relax in anticipation of our landing in Bangkok at 11pm tomorrow.

Our routes take us up and over Alaska, following a line just south of the Arctic circle and south through Russia and into China.

Flying over western Alaska we are treated to a two hour sunset with the pinks dancing over the ice and snow of the landscape below us.

After passing the western coast of Alaska we fly just south of the Bering Strait. Looking to the tail of the plane e see the US and toward the nods, Russia.


Looking out the window all you can see is frozen tundra, snow covered mountains, icebergs and frozen over waterways with openings in the water. Crossing down thru Siberia there is nothing but a starkly beautiful, frozen wasteland.

Crossing the International dateline into tomorrow and continuing south toward Beijing the skies begin to brighten as our sunset appears to have become a sunrise even tho it will be setting in just a few hours, after we land in China.

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One thought on “Air China to Bangkok

  1. Susan

    Oh my goodness! So beautifully written and what beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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