Do Good as You Go

It is only 30 days until we leave for our European adventure. Our Triumph Trophy 1200 is patiently waiting for us in its stable at Stefan Knopf’s place in Heidelberg, Germany. These last few months of anticipation are almost over, but have been spent thinking of this blogs title, Do Good as You Go.

What is Next??

My entire professional career in healthcare has been spent taking care of people and many of my long distance motorcycle rides have been for children’s charities. As my riding has changed from point A – point B riding, to a more relaxed, slow down and live the adventure type of touring, I want, No, I have a need to help in a different way beside just raising funds, which I will also continue to do.

This past of couple of years we were introduced to a group of Round The World (RTW) travelers starting with Lisa and Simon Thomas, 2 Ride The World, and Benka Pulko at a BMW national rally to more recently meeting Ted Simon and many more amazing people at the Overland Expo 2014 meet in Arizona. Becoming involved with Horizons Unlimited, which is a motorcycle overlanding group, and reading the inspiring written words of Ted Simon’s “Jupiter’s Travels”, and Sam Manicom’s adventure series of books, his first being “Into Africa”, has inspired us to travel with a purpose.

Joining the Ted Simon Foundation as a supporter, we now follow the adventures of several incredible people and friends traveling the world and telling of their journey.
Several months ago we learned of The Muskoka Foundation which has as their moto, Do Good as You Go. Instead of riding thru areas or countries just to arrive, slow down, meet people, stay, learn and contribute in some way. To travel, submersing one’s self into the different cultures, that is to experience.


As we circle back to our upcoming journey of Western Europe we will try to slow down and experience instead of just being a tourist. This will be new to us as most “vacations” in our hurry up American culture are spent rushing and seeing things. We will be setting up a fund raising site to raise money for the Muskoka Foundation. As we learn and continue hopefully other journeys will be spent helping and Doing Good as We Go.

If you like following our blog and what you read of the Muskoka Foundation, which is also the official charity of Horizons Unlimited, Yosemite 2015, give a few dollars either directly to them or thru Go Fund Me, in which all money collected will go to the Muskoka Foundation.

We hope you continue to enjoy our adventures.


Greg “WANDRR” and Melanie

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