Birthday vs No Job Celebration

Our trip was planned as a Birthday celebration for Melanie but has morphed into a discovery and planning celebration. As I sit here at LAX and watch the planes shuttle people to various destinations I think of our next three flights, two of them aboard a Chinese and Russian airliner. I also wonder when my jumping point will be and where I will land, if only to start the long adventure.


The first full day on Oahu proved to be a very full day. After trying to acclimate to the new time zone we headed out to breakfast at the Cheeseburger Honolulu. The breakfast was American traditional, but the conversation with our waitress was interesting. She told us she came to the island because she was running away from small town minds. It always amazed me how many people end up in places because of pain suffered in a different life. Hope all works out for her.

We then felt ready for a hike up to the top of Diamond Head.


The hike is medium level but the end involves over 500 steps to the WW2 bunkers 800 feet above Honolulu with brilliant views in all directions. This was well worth the effort but shoes other than flip-flops would have been welcome as I am paying for not wearing my boots tonight.

After leaving the crater we headed up the coast to a small beach called Lanikae Beach. It’s away from the tourists but still not private enough. The water was warm with a small break and perfect for swimming. The views were fantastic with several mountainous islands within view.

Our last stop of the day was back at Waikiki Beach and sunset at Duke’s, an iconic bar and restaurant on the beach. The views of Diamond Head were great but the sunset was a disappointment, as the clouds closed in as the sun was near the end of its day.




Next to us at the bar was a bloke from OZ. The conversation was brilliant and several drinks were shared. Those chaps from down under sure can put them away. The evening came to an end with the long walk back to the car with blistered feet.

Greg “WANDRR” and Melanie

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